Scaled Agile Framework®



Leading the Lean|Agile Enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework®,
Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant Certification

by Dean Leffingwell
Tallinn, Estonia,
4-6 November, 2013



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Workshop Part 1 (Two Days, Nov 4-5, 2013): Leading the Lean|Agile Enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework


Tired of the myths that Scrum, XP and Kanban don’t scale to the needs of the larger enterprise? Tired of living at the intersection of Scrum orthodoxy, management resistance to real change, and lack of proven patterns to successfully scale Agile?  If so, this two-day workshop is for you.

This workshop is intended for executives, managers and Agile change agents responsible for leading a Lean|Agile change initiative in the larger software enterprise.  In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How Lean Thinking and the Principles of Product Development Flow provide a principled, lean, and economic basis for decision making and change management as you lead the implementation of scaled Lean|Agile development in your enterprise
  • How extensions to Scrum and XP can provide a technical and project management foundation for scaling agile to the program level.
  • How you can continuously align Agile software teams to a common mission, achieve value stream optimization and achieve a step change in productivity, quality and customer satisfaction with the Agile Release Train
  • How to apply proven principles of Agile Architecture to reinstate the critical role of software architecture in enterprise class systems, and how to successfully implement continuous Agile, architectural runway which supports new features, optimizes the flow of business value, and improves economic outcomes
  • How to build an Agile Program Portfolio Management function that leverages the benefits of Lean, Agile thinking and Kanban, to the important functions of strategy and investment funding, program management and governance
  • And finally, you will gain the leadership insights you will need to guide all that new-found Agile energy and entropy, while successfully unlocking the intrinsic motivation of software knowledge workers through autonomy, mastery and purpose.

You will be introduced to the Scaled Agile Framework (“SAFe) a new, innovative and public-facing knowledge base of practices that have been used to successfully scale Agile development in enterprises employing hundreds - even thousands- of software development practitioners. You will walk away with the knowledge principles, practices, and skills you will need to take Lean|Agile development to the next level in your enterprise.

Note: This course is a prerequisite for the SAFe Program Consultant implementation and certification course, which will be held on Wednesday, November 6, 2013.


Workshop Part 2 (One Day, Nov 6, 2013): Scaled Agile Framework™ Consultant (SPC) Certification, by Dean Leffingwell

 The SAFe Program Consultant Training and Certification course is for internal agile change agents and external consultants. It provides the tools to implement agile programs and validates their knowledge in agile programs, program portfolio management, agile architecture, and leadership so that they can train management and launch Agile Release Trains as part of an enterprise Lean|Agile change initiative.  Normally a two-day training and certification, Dean Leffingwell is offering an accelerated SAFe implementation and certification program training on one day, in Tallinn on 6 Nov 2013.

On successful completion of a follow-on exam (which is taken off-line the week after the class), attendees will be certified as Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultants (SPC) and will be provided with the tools, artifacts and courseware they need to teach and implement SAFe in their business setting. SPCs are also be qualified to certify SAFe Agilists (SA). You will also become members of an active and private Community of Practice, where members share challenges, tips and lessons learned from their business environment. (“SPC”, see for a description of benefits)

Prerequisites include attendance at the two-day “Leading Safe” workshop above, and a minimum of 10-20 years software experience, with 3-5 years in Agile.