Speakers Topconf 2013

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Dean Leffingwell

One of the world's most experienced scaled agile leader

Raul Liive

Beta testing Guru at Microsoft's Skype

Nikita Ivanov

Put. That coffee. Down. Coffee's for closers only.


Max Firtman

mobile+web developer

Gábor Török

Process pirate

Stefan Baumgartner
web lover and browser aficionado

Rachel Laycock
Developer and coach at ThoughtWorks and member of the Technical Advisory Board to the CTO
Martin Valler
There's always room
for one more document

Samantha Hosea
UX, Agile and Lean evangelist; UX people researcher, Agile Enthusiast, and Lean Coach

Alek Kozlov
Helping teams to improve
Anna Obukhova
Agile Coach
Elasticsearch's pythonista

Anton Keks
Software craftsman 

Mait Peekma

Penetration tester and lecturer 

Aleksandr Miina
Lean professor 


Pavlo Baron
Data technologist &
rubber duck 
Andrus Kivisaar 
Chairman of the Board - EPMA