Design & Innovation at the LEGO Group


John-Henry Harris


This talk will provide a unique insight into the core design processes applied by the Creator team at LEGO. John-Henry will cover all steps along the way, from concept generation to product verification, testing and sign-off. He will show you how real design thinking can influence not only product features, but also how your ideas could be perceived on a global scale. There is more to being a LEGO designer than meets the eye, and this presentation could change the way you think about your stash of bricks forever. It will appeal to anyone who has an interest in creative design, logical building, or just wants to be an 8 year old for half an hour!.

Level:   -
  Opening Keynote
  LEGO, Design, Process, Innovation, Global Design, Creative, Fun, Toys, Systematic Creativity, Logic, Insight, imagination, Play, Reasoning
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Language:   English
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