MORE Topconf Tallinn 2018 International Software Conference
Topconf Tallinn 2018


Technical excellence / Hand crafted code

Clean Code, Better Testing, Patterns, Refactoring, Self-Improvement, Productivity

Agile nowadays is focusing on business practices but that alone is not enough to deliver quality software. Software development is a craft and writing good software requires skill and careful attention. That is why Software Craftsmanship was introduced with focus on technical practices of software development. 

This track is dedicated to practicing software craft and striving to become more skillful at it. Come and join our journey from apprentices to becoming masters and professionals of software development.


Mihkel Nõges

Product Engineer
Mihkel is a senior full stack product engineer building the core services in TransferWise. His goal is to find ways to maintain the speed of introducing new features while raising the quality and security of the whole system. The teams of TransferWise More

Arni Leibovits

Software Craftsman / Co-Founder
AgileWorks AS
I've been passionate about software development since being 12 years old. Currently practicing software craftsmanship at AgileWorks AS where I'm also a co-founder. My favorite languages are C# and Estonian. More