MORE Topconf Tallinn 2018 International Software Conference
Topconf Tallinn 2018


Sustainable Development

Java, architecture, software design, maintainability, testability, building for the future, emerging technologies

As developers we love writing code. But reality is that we spend more time maintaining and modifying other people's code than writing our own code from scratch. Can we make it more pleasant? Can we reduce time spent so we can do things we enjoy? This track will look for what developers can do to improve software quality, maintainability, testability and related “-ilities”. We'll see what tools and methologies could supercharge our testing abilities as well as how to improve these skills.


Priit Liivak

Head of Engineering
Most of his career Priit has been in software developer role in various sized projects and teams. Most recent years he is setting the Java development compass for Nortal, helping teams to build seamless society. Always searching for innovative ideas and More

Arni Leibovits

Software Craftsman / Co-Founder
AgileWorks AS
I've been passionate about software development since being 12 years old. Currently practicing software craftsmanship at AgileWorks AS where I'm also a co-founder. My favorite languages are C# and Estonian. More



2018-11-21, 13:40


Room 1