MORE Topconf Tallinn 2018 International Software Conference
Topconf Tallinn 2018


Front-end: What's under the hood

JavaScript, frameworks, cross platform, responsive design, mobile first, Android, iOS, UX

Front-end development is the fastest evolving area of all. Just when you think you have mastered state-of-the-art tools and libraries, a new tool or a new major version of framework comes out making your new knowledge obsolete. Which framework is here to stay and what do web standarts have in store for us? 

We will talk about the current state of web and mobile development with a focus on principles and patterns used under the hood that will outlive current and future trends.


Aivars Kalvāns

Lead Software Architect
SIA Tieto Latvia
Aivars Kalvans holds the position of Lead Software Architect at Tieto Latvia and is working on Card Suite payment card system. During his more More