Topconf Tallinn 2017


Roland Flemm

My technical background in development and infrastructure spans a period of more than 20 years, but more relevant are the 9 years I am working as a scrum master and lately as agile coach. I worked on numerous projects in various international companies, mainly in the banking industry. All of the projects I contributed to, near/and offshoring was involved. Currently I am working as an independent consultant in the role of Agile coach at Backbase R&D (Amsterdam). Backbase has 3 near-shore teams in Kiev at Levi-9. I have build up a reputation for a “non-compromise Agility” approach. I am very fortunate to work closely in projects with renowned Dutch agilists, I teach scrum and I am co-writing a practical book on scrum. I have been given a serties of talks in Eastern Europe this spring. The feedback was very positive. People enjoy my lively performance and appreciate I am talking about hands-on and practical subjects that matter. Join my talk to get inspired, maybe have a good laugh and surely start fixing your problems on monday.

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2017-11-16, 14:50


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