Topconf Tallinn 2017


Mihkel Nõges

Mihkel is a senior full stack product engineer building the core services in TransferWise. His goal is to find ways to maintain the speed of introducing new features while raising the quality and security of the whole system. The teams of TransferWise work autonomously, having a lot of freedom to choose their tools and processes in bringing the most value to customers. Yet, as the company grows and matures, best practices and shared technologies have naturally emerged. Mostly thanks to the high standards set to the hired engineers skills and initiative. More importantly thanks to the open and supportive culture of sharing both positive and negative experiences with the whole company and beyond. It is fascinating how in a relatively big company like Transferwise, changes in engineering practices are still implemented quickly and effectively. The amount of routine tasks, friction between subteams, bureaucracy and technical dept is constantly addressed and reduced. Mihkel as any other TransferWise engineer is not an exclusive owner of any part of our system. Yes, engineers are divided into smaller, often short lived and dynamic product teams and have a final say about the code requested to be committed to their repositories. Any engineer in TransferWise can easily add any new feature or improvement affecting any part of the system without waiting unnecessarily behind anyone. Code reviews are mandatory and huge part of the learning process, guaranteeing the maintaining of the high standards for the quality. Mihkel could not be happier than contributing and evolving in such environment.