Topconf Tallinn 2017


Mark Smalley

Mark Smalley is an IT Management Consultant at Smalley. IT and is specialized in application management and business information management. He is affiliated with the non-profit ASL BiSL Foundation, APMG International, GamingWorks and Pink Elephant. Mark is an inaugural member of the industry initiatives SM Congress and Taking Service Forward. Mark has spoken to thousands of IT professionals at more than 100 events on 4 continents. He was born in London but has lived in the Netherlands for 40 years, currently on the southern outskirts of Amsterdam. Mark is married, with 3½ children. Regular speaker at international events. Keynotes at smaller events, regular presentations, workshops. My smallest audience was 5 (including the moderator!) and the largest about 500, but typically 50-150. Recordings of some conferences and most webinars at I work for several companies but would speak on behalf of the non-profit ASL BiSL Foundation. We own two IT frameworks and share knowledge with our members and with other IT communities. My role is to reach out to these communities, for instance by speaking at conferences.