Why security still matters

Going through media coverage of 2015, one might get the impression that cyber security has never been more important than now. Electronic fraud incidents and security breaches have been increasing continuously and have caused damage worth billions of Euro. Security exploits such as Heartbleed and data privacy incidents such as the Sony Picture Entertainment data breach have not only cost money but also reputation. Also the revelations of Edward Snowden have led to a worldwide attention of privacy issues, data encryption and Internet security. This track will show you how you can protect your applications, servers and yourself from such attacks


Andreas Hutter

Head of Web & Mobile Solutions
Best Gaming Technology
Andreas has been working in the gaming and sportsbetting industry for ten years now and has been doing various software projects in all different kinds of technology. He holds a Master's degree in IT Security and Information Management. Currently he is More

David Tanzer

Independent Consultant
David is an independent software consultant since 2006. He helps his clients with implementing agile software development and improving software quality by providing coaching and training or by working as a developer on the team. He is working with teams More

Stefan Baumgartner

Web Developer
Stefan created his first website back in 1997, and has since been working on different projects for clients like Nintendo, Square Enix, Swarovski and adidas. Currently he works at Ruxit, making the web a faster place. His passions are the web, web standards More