Topconf Duesseldorf 2017


It's Project Management Jim, but not as we know it

Teams, Agile, DevOps, Lean product development vs lean product manufacturing, Complex adaptive systems (e.g. Cynefin), Digital enterprise / digital transformation, Organizational change management

Many organizations have progressed from using IT just as an internal productivity tool to using IT as a strategic resource to differentiate themselves from their competitors. These ‘digital enterprises’ have heavier (and conflicting) demands: business continuity versus time-to-market versus competitive advantage. These demands are reflected in IT: they need more resilient IT systems, quicker flow of work from development to production, and better product development. Yet most IT departments are organized along traditional lines: often centrally controlled, and with deterministic thinking about projects and processes. These are not the best starting points for an agile way of working in a dynamic and complex environment. This track recognizes this juxtaposition between the need for radical improvement and the traditional organization and culture. Traditional Project Management is changing. The talks in this track offer fundamental yet pragmatic guidance for moving towards a new way of changing IT. You will get a better understanding of the principles behind making such a radical organizational change. This insight will equip you to decide which parts of the practical guidance is applicable in your specific organization in its current state. This is not about defining a frustratingly distant utopia – it’s about developing the evolutionary potential of the present. - Teams (cross-functional, self-managing, self-organizing) - Agile, of course, and DevOps - both tie nicely into the team topic - Lean product development vs lean product manufacturing (e.g. Reinertsen) - Complex adaptive systems (e.g. Cynefin) - Digital enterprise / digital transformation - Organizational change management (soft skills)


Anna Löw

Head of People Operations
Giant Swarm GmbH
Anna is working as Head of People Operations at Giant Swarm. Previously she was working as HR Manager and Consultant in several companies. Her fields of working are agile HR, HR in StartUps, organizational development, conflict management and systemic More

Mark Smalley

The IT Paradigmologist
ASL BiSL Foundation
Mark Smalley is an IT Management Consultant at Smalley. IT and is specialized in application management and business information management. He is affiliated with the non-profit ASL BiSL Foundation, APMG International, GamingWorks and Pink Elephant. Mark More

Sven Peters

Technology Evangelist
Sven is a software geek working as an Evangelist for Atlassian. He started with Java development in 1998 and has been programming for longer that he\\\'d like to admit. Besides coding his passion is getting the right tools into the hands of those who More