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TRACK: It's Project Management Jim, but not as we know it

Systemics: Giving Up Deterministic Management And What about Agility?

Systemics is all about complex systems, non-determinism and closed loops. By complex systems, however, it refers to social rather than technical systems. It looks at teams, groups or organizations and their interactions with individuals. It's a radical approach, why? 

Systemics explores change and leadership as closed-loop phenomena mutually created by all members of a team. It gives up simple cause-effect explanations and yet identifies specific elements of agility as profoundly effective at the system level – and that is what we observe: 

If you cannot determine outputs on the long term, how do you manage? By managing probabilities, e. g. by organizing sprints. 

If you cannot control, what else is there to do? Observing, e.g. by doing reviews and retrospectives of sprints. 

Systemics gives you another good reason to use agile methods and provides project managers in complex or chaotic (please also see Cynefin) environments with valuable insights: what is efficient if you cannot apply scrum pitchperfect? How in particular do you adapt scrum if you have to conform to a long-term product development process based on a V-model? If your project is tightly controlled by such a process and your official role is project management in the most classical sense how do you create an agile space?

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