Topconf Duesseldorf 2017


Speakers at
Topconf Duesseldorf 2017:

Juergen Hoeller

Principal Engineer
Juergen Hoeller is co-founder of the Spring Framework open source project and has been serving as the project lead and release manager for the core framework since 2003. Juergen is an experienced software architect and consultant with outstanding expertise More

Hadi Hariri

VP of Developer Advocacy
Developer and creator of many things OSS, his passions includes Web Development and Software Architecture. Has authored a couple of books, a few courses and has been speaking at industry events for nearly 15 years. Currently at JetBrains leading the Developer More

Sander Hoogendoorn

Independent software craftsman
The Netherlands
Sander is a dad, an independent consultant, software architect and programmer. He is experienced in agile, Scrum, Kanban, continuous delivery, software estimation, agile requirements, design patterns, UML, software architecture, microservices, and both More

Fahim Kawsar

Research Director, Internet of Things
Nokia Bell Labs
Dr Fahim Kawsar leads the Internet of Things research at Nokia Bell Labs, Cambridge, UK and holds a Design United Professorship at TU Delft, Netherlands. His current research explores novel algorithms and system design techniques to build transformative More

Karsten Jeschkies

Software Engineer
Mesosphere GmbH
I am a Software Engineer from Hamburg, Germany. I have a bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in Philosophy, a bachelor’s degree (B.Sc.) and a master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Computer Science from the University of Münster, Germany. After a three years at Amazon’s More

Arno Haase

Arno Haase Consulting
Arno Haase is a freelance software developer with a passion for writing Scala and Java code, offering his services as architect, coach or consultant. His interests include model-driven software development, data persistence with or without relational More

Eberhard Wolff

innoQ Deutschland GmbH
Eberhard Wolff has 15+ years of experience as an architect and consultant - often on the intersection of business and technology. He is a Fellow at innoQ in Germany. As a speaker, he has given talks at international conferences and as an author, he has More

Domenico Musto

Principal Engineer
Passionate hands on software architect with over 15 years of experience.I am a strong advocate of distributed systems, ReST, event driven architecture, messaging, automation testing and continuous delivery with an obsession for clean codeMy main areas More

Michael Menzel

Senacor Technologies AG
Dr. Michael Menzel is working as a software architect at Senacor Technologies AG. As a technical lead, he has been responsible for the implementation of microservice architectures at different customers in the finance sector. Michael has a strong interest More

James Thomas

Developer Advocate
James Thomas is a “Developer Advocate” for IBM Bluemix, helping developers build scalable applications on IBM's cloud platform. Having accepted a summer-long internship with IBM as “something to do” before starting his post-graduate degree, James More

Michael Mahlberg

TCG The Consulting Guild GmbH
Michael has been running his own company in Germany since the mid eighties and moved his focus from implementation to organization in the mid nineties. Working in a all kinds of industries from pure software development companies through to public administration More

Thomas Epping

Organisational Management Consultant
codecentric AG
Thomas works with clients to map out options for productive collaboration along their value chain. Stages of his professional career include working as a researcher, software developer, and organisational management consultant. He has published a couple More

Evelin Tscheslog

Zielpuls GmbH
Evelin Tscheslog is principal at Zielpuls GmbH. Starting her professional career as high energy physicist she has a long-lasting relationship to complex systems, both the social and the technical kind. She applied a range of project management methods More

Cosima Laube

Learning Human Being
My name is Cosima Laube, I am an Agile Software Engineer and Team Coach. Having over 11 years of experience in (agile) software development with roles in project management, requirements engineering and software quality assurance, I am now at my place More

Dariusz Wylon

Chief Communications Officer
Dariusz is an innovative facilitator and business coach with more than 10 years of experience, fostering change and supporting multinational clients in financial services, FMG, and IT industries. He is a Chief Communications Officer at Selleo – one More

Kim van Wilgen

Head of Software Development
In her role as Head of software development at the Dutch insurtech company ANVA, Kim van Wilgen is responsible for all software product development. Although a nerd at heart, she also has over a decade of experience in product management and comparable More

Thomas Kuenneth

Principal Consultant
MATHEMA Software GmbH
Thomas has almost 20 years of Java experience. He focusses on the architecture of large scale enterprise applications, UI/UX and mobile. Thomas has been writing Android apps since 2009. He is the author of three books on Java, Android and Eclipse, as More

Andreas Zwinkau

Doctoral Researcher
Andreas Zwinkau is a problem solving thinker, working as a doctoral researcher at the IPD Snelting within the InvasIC project on compiler and language perfection and just about to finish his PhD. He manages and teaches students at the KIT. With a beautiful More

Simon Belak

Chief Data Science Officer
Simon Belak is the Chief Data Science Officer at GoOpti where he is in charge of making the company data-driven; building analytics infrastructure (end goal: provide any answer stemming from data in 2 min or less); and developing their predictive real-time More

Antonio Mallia

Software Engineer
Bloomberg LP
Antonio Mallia is a Software Engineer, mainly focused on algorithms, distributed systems and software design. Currently working at Bloomberg LP in London and previously for the Italian .it domain Registry. I like to code, learn and experiment. More

Jaime Alonso Lorenzo

Software Engineer
Bloomberg LP

Matthias Endler

Backend Engineer
Matthias is a Backend Engineer located in Düsseldorf, Germany. His interests are scalability, performance and distributed systems. At work he improves the Backend infrastructure of trivago by making it faster and more reliable. He mostly uses Python, More

Dominik Kundel

Developer Evangelist
Dominik is a Developer Evangelist for Twilio in Berlin. He has a passion for JavaScript, hackathons, teaching and good whiskey. You will usually find him speaking at meetups and conferences, mentoring at hackathons and CoderDojos or work on open source More

Florian Rappl

Solution Architect
Zeiss Digital Innovation
Dr. Florian Rappl is working as a technical consultant and solution architect with emerging IoT technologies. Florian is regularly giving lectures, talks, and workshops about software development, architecture, or programming languages. His main interest More

Wolf Schlegel

Coding architect
ThoughtWorks Deutschland GmbH
Wolf is a professionally qualified software engineer with over 20 years of international consulting experience. He works for ThoughtWorks Germany and helps teams delivering working software. Wolf's primary professional interests are microservices, cloud, More

Mihai Cîrlănaru

Software Development Lead
Mihai is a Software Development Lead at Hudl, a software company that builds performance analysis tools for sports at every level. He splits his time between building core features for Hudl’s sport platform, managing More

Benny Michielsen

IT Consultant
Info Support
I'm a IT consultant trying to make sense of it all. In an ever faster changing world I try to learn a bit of everything. One day you'll find me hacking away with a Raspberry Pi, the other pulling in the latest .NET core version while reading up on the More

Dennis Traub

Technical Advisor
codecentric AG
With more than 20 years in the industry, Dennis has been building software for startups and multinational corporations alike. As a Fellow at codecentric he helps his clients transforming their business through technology, with an emphasis on digitization More

Joy Clark

innoQ Deutschland GmbH
Joy Clark is a consultant at innoQ and develops software for the JVM. She appreciates elegant software solutions and her main interests are functional programming with Clojure and web security. More

Henry Been

DevOps & Azure Architect
Independent consultant
Henry Been is an independent architect and developer from The Netherlands. He works with development teams to create great software. Next to his work, he is one of the Microsoft ALM | DevOps Rangers. Henry's interests include the Azure cloud, DevOps, More

Sven Johann

Senior Consultant
innoQ Deutschland
Sven Johann works as a senior consultant for innoQ in Germany. He spent the current decade mostly with economically modernising legacy systems towards testability, cloud deployability and feature experimentation. He helps the Technical Debt community More

Daniel Krämer

Software Engineer
anderScore GmbH
Daniel has been a software engineer at anderScore GmbH for several years and shows a passion for clean software architecture and design. In his projects he is mainly concerned with migration and integration topics (such as SOA) as well as Java and web More

Tobias Modig

Software Development Consultant
Tobias Modig is a developer, coach, speaker and teacher who values clean code and good habits just as much as a positive work atmosphere. He is passionate about competence sharing and will gladly reveal his tips and tricks as well as confiding his own More

Jan Lühr

Software Engineer
anderScore GmbH
Senior Software Developer and Architect, focusing on security and usability aspects. Working at anderScore GmbH for over 10 years, Jan Lühr has been involved in different projects at banks, insurance companies, health institutions, telecommunication More

Timothée Bourguignon

Chief Learning Officer
MATHEMA Software GmbH
Timothée “Tim” Bourguignon is a full time geek, mentoring evangelist, bullshit-hunter, international speaker and a lot more. During the day, he works as Chief Learning Officer and Agile Coach for the MATHEMA Software company in Germany. But when More

Andres Almiray

Canoo Fellow
Canoo Engineering AG
Andres is a Java/Groovy developer and a Java Champion with more than 17 years of experience in software design and development. He has been involved in web and desktop application development since the early days of Java. Andres is a true believer in More

Christian Schneider

Whitehat Hacker & Trainer
Christian Schneider - IT-Security & Trainings
Christian Schneider (@cschneider4711) has pursued a successful career as a freelance Java software developer and expanded it to include the focus on IT-Security. His major areas of work are Security Architecture Consulting and Penetration Testing. Aside More

Philipp Krenn

Developer & Operations
Philipp is a Developer Advocate at Elastic, spreading the love and knowledge of full-text search, analytics, and real-time data. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and meetups about all things search & analytics, databases, cloud computing, and devops. More

Ensar Basri Kahveci

Distributed Systems Engineer
I am Ensar Basri Kahveci. I first saw the term \\\"NoSQL\\\" in 2011 and used some NoSQL databases while doing backend development for a social gaming company. Over time, I became curious about their theoretical aspects and started digging into the distributed More

Matthias Niehoff

codecentric AG
Matthias Niehoff is an IT consultant at codecentric AG in Germany, where he focuses on big data and streaming applications with Apache Cassandra and Apache Spark as well as other tools in the area of big data. Matthias shares his experience at conferences, More

Markus Winand

Trainer and Author
Markus Winand teaches efficient SQL — inhouse and online. He minimizes the development time using modern SQL and optimizes the runtime with smart More

Randy Gupta

Senior Software Architect
SCARATEC IT-Consulting GmbH
Randy Gupta is focused on Software Architecture and Software Development at SCARATEC. He is working for more than 20 years as an IT professional. Today Randy is specialized in cloud technologies while the JVM and Linux are still his favorite platform. More

Ivana Petrović

PHP developer
Ivana has around 7 years of experience in web development. She has been working in trivago for the last 2 years. She has also worked in several agencies, start ups and corporations over the years. Focused on building APIs in the last 3 years. Actively More

Peter Chestna

Director of Developer Engagement
Veracode/CA Technologies
As Director of Developer Engagement at Veracode/CA, Pete provides customers with practical advice on how to successfully roll out developer-centric application security programs. Relying on more than 10 years of direct AppSec practitioner experience as More

Uwe Wardenbach

IT Architecture Consultant

Nearly 30 years experience in programming and systems design

worked as IT architect/Dev coach in dozens of projects (3-120 dev, small and huge companies, Telecom, Banking, Travel, Automotive)

favourite languages: Scala, Groovy

favourite More

Thomas Ströder

Head of Full Stack Development

My passion for coding started when I found out that I could manipulate computer games on my father's Atari PC by modifying certain files. After leaving school, I studied computer science at RWTH Aachen University. During that time, I also did a 6 months More