Topconf Duesseldorf 2017


Cosima Laube

My name is Cosima Laube, I am an Agile Software Engineer and Team Coach. Having over 11 years of experience in (agile) software development with roles in project management, requirements engineering and software quality assurance, I am now at my place "somewhere between coding and leadership". My special feature is having both: solid IT knowledge and advanced skills when it comes to humans. I help people uncover their full potential to be even more successful in the IT business. My ongoing education in psychology at the University of Distance Learning in Hagen (until 2017), my coaching studies (since 2015) and plenty of contacts to like-minded people provide me with a solid background in this area. Since 2016 I enjoy speaking at conferences – basically about everything 'human' in the IT world. To be more specific, until now my topics cover mindfulness, communication and leadership in software development.

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