Topconf Duesseldorf 2017


Program Committee

To ensure the high quality of the Topconf conference program in the long term, all presentations will be tested scientifically and thematically. The evaluation is done by our independent conference program committee with members from various ICT companies. Members of the Program Committee for Topconf Duesseldorf 2017 are:

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Committee for
Topconf Duesseldorf 2017:

Stefan Tilkov

Co-founder & principal consultant
Stefan Tilkov is CEO, co-founder and principal it innoQ, where he spends his time advising clients on how to make the most of both mature and new approaches to architecting large-scale systems. He is author of numerous articles, co-author of two books More

Anna Löw

Head of People Operations
Giant Swarm GmbH
Anna is working as Head of People Operations at Giant Swarm. Previously she was working as HR Manager and Consultant in several companies. Her fields of working are agile HR, HR in StartUps, organizational development, conflict management and systemic More

Uwe Friedrichsen

codecentric AG
Uwe Friedrichsen travels the IT world for many years. As CTO of codecentric AG he is always in search of innovative ideas and concepts. His current focus areas are resilience, scalability and the IT of (the day after) tomorrow. Often, you can find him More

Gerrit Grunwald

Senior Software Engineer
Canoo Engineering AG
Gerrit Grunwald is a software engineer with more than ten years of experience in software development. He is a true believer in open source and has participated in popular projects like as well as his own projects (Medusa, Enzo, SteelSeries More

Angelika Langer

Instructor, Author, Coach
Angeliks Langer Training/Consulting
Angelika Langer works as a trainer and consultant with a course curriculum of Java and C++ seminars. She enjoys speaking at conferences, among them JavaOne, JAX, jDays, JFokus, JavaZone and many more (see She is More

Sven Peters

Technology Evangelist
Sven is a software geek working as an Evangelist for Atlassian. He started with Java development in 1998 and has been programming for longer that he\\\'d like to admit. Besides coding his passion is getting the right tools into the hands of those who More

Christoph Engelbert

Manager Developer Relations
Hazelcast, Inc.
Christoph Engelbert is Manager of Developer Relations at Hazelcast. He is a passionated Java developer with a deep commitment for Open Source software. He mostly is interested in Performance Optimizations and understanding the internals of the JVM and More

Sibylle Ohm

General Manager
anderScore GmbH
Founder & owner of anderScore GmbH since 2006. Being passionate about creating something useful, as a software-developer I struggled through badly organized projects. So I ended up as a project manager for any size of application-development projects, More

Frank Mathy

Department Head
Commerzbank AG
Frank Mathy is working at Commerzbank where he currently leads a team in the Investment Banking IT and works in IT development projects. He is also responsible for the Java community at Commerzbank where he organizes internal events and conferences. He More

Mark Smalley

The IT Paradigmologist
ASL BiSL Foundation
Mark Smalley is an IT Management Consultant at Smalley. IT and is specialized in application management and business information management. He is affiliated with the non-profit ASL BiSL Foundation, APMG International, GamingWorks and Pink Elephant. Mark More