Cyber Conf 2017


Cyber Conf 2017


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Cyber Conf 2017:

Digital Society, Social Logins, Personal Identifiable Information, Privacy and Cyber Security

Industry Threats and Information Sharing – Beginners to Intermediary Level The world is moving faster than ever before. More and more of our life is becoming digital and available in the clouds. With the ever growing mobility, connectivity, digital society, industrial internet and many smart devices what does this mean for our privacy, is anything private and personal any longer or is our life an open book for the world to see. We have seen smart devices for unlocking doors, monitoring health, watering plants, talking to pets, cutting grass and driving cars but what are we giving up to make this possible. To achieve this we have given up almost all of our personal data and making our life connected almost every second of the day, sharing every aspect from who we are sitting with, what we are eating, when we are happy and when we are sad. With social virtual reality games like Pokémon Go possibly being the largest surveillance app ever created what of our life and personal data remains safe? Do you think your data is safe, come and learn about data security and protection and what you have given up. Come and learn about the risks, what happens with your digital data, what cyber criminals do with it and how to find out how much of your own information is available for the world to see. More

Ethical Hacking, Security, Cyber Risk and Protection, Cyber Hygiene, Cyber Defence and Data Privacy

What can you do to avoid being the next victim of cyber-crime? – A Day in the Life of an Ethical Hacker – Intermediary to Advanced level – Even beginners with some technical knowledge will benefit As we hear more and more about data breaches every day, whether it is LinkedIn or Dropbox credentials and passwords being leaked online or health data being exposed come and learn from cyber security experts what you can do to make your data safe online, what steps can be done to make your life more private and prevent it from getting into the hands of cyber-criminals that could target you with malicious software, ransomware, financial fraud and even identity theft. Our experts live this day in and day out and are here to share the best practices to what changes you can make immediately and get your company, your family and your life back in control and safe from online cyber criminals. More