Gearing up for Google Glass Development

Max Firtman


Glass raises many technical questions. Are Glass apps native apps or web apps? Is Glass an augmented reality device? How can websites and apps integrate with Google Glass? How can we emulate how content is served? Is Glassware just a website or an app with a transparent background? 

While Glassware can share HTML5 content, these apps are a very different concept than a webapp or a native app. Using the cloud and a push and pull mechanism we can update user’s content and integrate with its services from a web server. This talk will introduce the Mirror API and the concepts behind the development of Glassware or apps connected to Google Glass, as well as about the first release of the device itself and a live demo of its experience. 

We'll also discuss the possibilities of the GDK for native development and the Web Browser inside Google Glass.

Level:   Intermediate
  Google Glass, HTML5, Development, Android
Session format:
Language:   English